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Shadow’s Claim

Shadow’s Claim
By Kresley Cole
Published November 27, 2012
Rating: 3 Stars
Review: Shadow’s Claim is the first in the new Dacians series. Trehan is a type of Vampire called Dacian that travel in mist and keep themselves unseen to other immortals. While on an assassination mission he sees Princess Bettina and recognizes her as his mate. In order to win her he must enter into a midevil tournamen…t but by doing so he must reveal him self to other immortals and may never return home.
I loved Trehan’s character. He is an assassin by trade. He is very protective of his mate but will do anything for her. He also supports her interests in a way she hasn’t had with her friends and family. Bettina’s character I liked a little less. She has gone through a trama and is working through it so for most of the story she is a scared and cowering person. Most of the Kresley Cole’s stories feature a stronger heroine so this was quite a change. This book is much longer than most of the books by Kresley Cole and although I liked it at the end it was kind of drawn out. Still, this book is definitely worth reading.

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